What will the standings look like for the 2021 NFL season

Overall, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are nevertheless heavily favored to repeat as champions. Thankfully, Akers’ injury didn’t tank the Rams’ Super Bowl chances an excessive amount of. There is still much that may happen before the season kicks off. At this time, we can remain optimistic that Los Angeles can win the coveted Lombardi Trophy. To see my nfl predictions follow the link.

Before the Rams may start their run at winning a Super Bowl in their own stadium, let’s dive in the state in the NFL to view what they’ll be up against.

AFC East
Bills (13-4)

Patriots (9-8)

Dolphins (8-9)

NY Jets (4-13)

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo suffered heartbreak inside AFC Championship, but it’s clear they have a ways to go before catching up to the Chiefs. Josh Allen keeps improving annually, meaning an MVP award might be soon in the grasp. The trade for Stefon Diggs was one with the best in recent memory plus a primary factor for Allen’s ascension to greatness. All signs point up for any group which could play in Los Angeles in February.

You won’t like Bill Belichick when he’s angry, he might take off your sleeves. BB spent money in free agency as being a teenager employing their parent’s plastic card the very first time. A lot of talent was needed with to deliver to be considered wise investments.

Miami is creating a strong culture with head coach Brian Flores in charge. The Dolphins missed the playoffs by a game last season. They’ll need extra help from second-year passer Tua Tagovailoa, who’s maybe his last possiblity to assert himself as lead alpha. New York finally purged themselves of Adam Gase and his unnerving googly eyes. Rookie Zach Wilson already has more help than Sam Darnold ever did. The Jets aren’t gonna be unwatchable like last season, but it’ll require some time before they’re considered ready for primetime.

AFC North
Browns (12-5)

Ravens (11-6)

Steelers (8-9)

Bengals (5-12)

Man, it feels strange discussing how good the Browns are. It seems like just a couple of seasons ago, they one just one game inside a lifetime of couple of years. They become adults so fast! Cleveland features a top-five roster heading to the season. The amount of talent on offense and defense is unfair along with the Brownies could be a dark horse Super Bowl favorite if everything goes based on plan. I guess Baker Mayfield made the correct switch to Progressive.

Baltimore ought to be great again as Lamar Jackson has done just win from the minute he stepped onto an NFL field. The Ravens and Browns should be battling for the mighty North all season long.

Big Ben is on his last legs in Pittsburgh. Mike Tomlin will always turn on his team, but his team’s slump after beginning 11-0 is a sign of bigger and much more painful circumstances to come inside steel city. As long as Joe Burrow isn’t rushed back too soon, the Bengals should play spoiler because of their division counterparts. They’ve added firepower inside the draft pairing Burrow’s LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase with Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd. Opposing teams will have a difficult time stopping them but Cincy is outright a cellar dweller a minimum of because of this upcoming campaign.

AFC South
Titans (11-6)

Colts (9-8)

Jaguars (4-13)

Texans (2-15)

The Titans have worn plenty of tread on Derrick Henry’s tires. It’s likely he’ll require a step back as his amount of carries aren’t sustainable even for someone as muscle-bound as him. Despite this, King Henry isn’t human so I’ll probably be very wrong with regards to a guy who could stiff-arm me into another dimension if he ever check this out. Ryan Tannehill proved he wasn’t a one-year wonder, and now she has Julio Jones and A.J. Brown catching his passes.

Indy has just one more quarterback, as Carson Wentz takes his turn in filling Andrew Luck’s shoes. The Colts use a challenging opening slate which could make-or-break them in the early goings. This is not the best way to welcome a gamer like Wentz whose confidence is shattered to pieces. However, Indianapolis contains the league’s best offensive line and an emerging defense. If anyone will make it through this kind of challenge, it’s them.

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